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MCA is a unique educational travel academy that is carving out a special place for itself in the burgeoning new field of cultural, spiritual, and well-being travel.

MCA tours are aimed at the refined traveler who is in search of self-knowledge through a transformative and educational travel experience.

The idea is to learn, grow, and be transformed while traveling and enjoying the sights and sounds of the rich cultural, artistic, philosophical, and spiritual heritage of the Mediterranean.

MCA tours combine on-site lectures, off-site discussions, lakeside meditational exercises and culinary experiences with philosophy, history, art & architectural theory and history, urbanism, mindfulness, psychology, and spirituality.


We insist on small to medium sized groups (no more than 20) to deliver a more sociable, personal and intimate experience. Smaller groups foster a healthier, more personal, and much more exciting educational experience.

The talks are conducted in a very relaxed and casual manner while being stimulating and mind teasing.

They often border on the inspirational with still some room to indulge one’s self in the many intriguing cultural pockets, panoramic vistas or delicious regional delights.

Your guide, Dr. Samir Mahmoud, loves to talk, loves to listen, and loves to engage. 

But it is not all about lectures, talks, and meditations;

We are also all about having fun, dining, hiking, and simply enjoying ourselves. 

Join us for a complete immersion in a cultural, intellectual, and spiritual experience of a lifetime.

Piazzas become theatrical backdrops for historical dramatizations,
the worn steps of temples and churches become sites for adoration and contemplation,
the luminous corridors of museums and art galleries for silent meditation,
and archeological sites for re-enacting ancient events,
but most of all the very streets and pavements of cities, hilltop towns, and villages, with their dramatic vistas, come to life.

The very stones speak and we listen.

« What Our Clients Have to Say »


Our tour of Italy with Samir Mahmoud a few years ago was outstanding. It was a comprehensive, informative tour of the most iconic locations around Italy and I don't feel like we missed out on much. Of course, his input at every location we visited was truly enlightening, and helped us see things in ways we never thought we could. The mini history lessons he gave us on the steps of the Pantheon and as we lay on the floor of Piazza St Marco at night were especially memorable. I wouldn't think twice about going on a second trip with Samir if the opportunity presented itself.  

Omar Fares Darwiche
The trip to Italy was definitely the most beautiful educational experience I have ever had. It literally immersed me into the world of art and architecture which allowed me to really see for myself how grand and beautiful these spaces are. Architecture - the design of spaces - should be physically explored in order to be understood and appreciated. With the accompaniment of a friendly, informative guide, this immersive experience left me in awe of my surroundings and all my questions leading to beautiful conversations. Your mind will expand with a colorful palette of doctrines, playfully combining art, history, architecture, philosophy in conversations that will leave you feeling drunk on information and with a new fondness for history.  An unforgettable and very informative experience, one I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Tala Nassar 

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