My name is Dr. Samir Mahmoud (please call me Samir) and I’ll be your host, guide, and Ciceroni (tutor) during these culturally exhilarating tours. I am the Founder-Director of MCA, a Cambridge graduate, and an Assistant Professor at LAU. As your Ciceroni I will be providing a general curriculum and education. On the menu you will find quite the enticing mix of appetizers including philosophy, art history, architectural history, aesthetics, literature, psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality.


I have travelled with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other to: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, the U.S, Switzerland, Syria, Egypt, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Nothing excites me more than a bit of historical dramatization infused with art, architecture, urbanism, classical and medieval philosophy, and comparative religion. Throw in some Renaissance philosophy, history, aesthetics, spirituality, and anthropology and I’m at home.  

Join me on a most exhilarating and stimulating travel experience.

I also have a postdoctoral fellowship from MIT, Oxford, and AUB. I was recently Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture at the AUB and am currently Assistant Professor of Architectural History & Theory at LAU.
I have a broad interest in Mindfulness & Well-being, classical philosophy, art & architecture, mysticism (Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic), Renaissance philosophy & art, German philosophy, Jungian psychology, and history.  

“My role is to immerse you in an exceptional travel experience that will leave you hungry for more.”


Here is a little more for those interested in the formality of credentials: I grew up in Australia (Sydney) and Lebanon and I lived in England (Cambridge & Oxford) for almost seven years. I have a BA in Anthropology (with a focus on art, architecture & the imagination) and MA in Urban Design & History of Architecture (the urban morphology of Medieval and Renaissance Italian towns) from the University of New South Wales, Australia. I also have an MPhil in Comparative Philosophy & Aesthetics (with a focus on art, aesthetics, & the imagination) and a PhD in Philosophical Aesthetics both from the University of Cambridge, UK. I have also completed certificates in Jungian Psychology and Mindfulness & Being Present training programs.

The story ends up being a journey of self discovery.

“ The most courageous travelers are those who journey into the depths of their own consciousness.” 
 - Monique Funk -


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